Grey Reach

Grey Reach is a modest, but wealthy kingdom on the northwestern part of the continent, bordered north and west by ocean and east by a great, ancient forest. The kingdom is home to five dukedoms (including the king’s), each with three earls beneath them. 900 years ago, during a bloody conflict, the elves were driven out of their forest home. The southeastern most dukedom’s capital city, Thornwatch, stands on the site where the conflict officially ended.
The Tandalith river splits the kingdom of Grey Reach into two halves and acts as the major artery for trade coming inland from the ocean and flowing between the dukedoms since it acts as a natural border for all five of them. The Tandalith also separates the “civilized” lands from the forest. Some believe the river has magical properties that protect them from the dangers lurking in the trees, but others dismiss those as old wives’ tales.

-From the journal of Paladin Cassiel, Order of The Sheild of The Dragon

History of Grey Reach
Kings of Grey Reach

Ducal title holders:
His Majesty King Storn Ackomen of Grey Reach, Duke of Gavoria, Lord of Drangorn, Lord of The Palace of Towers

His Grace Duke Karfel Steppen of The Timberlands, Lord of Thornwatch, Lord of Snaketail

Grey Reach

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