Grey Reach

Session Five

When we arrived in Dawnside, Asakku and I heard three cracks of lightning, and Darvin, Erevel and Triss appeared beside us. We reconnected and discussed what had been done in the time apart. They sent a large number of people to White Horn in an exchange with a carpenter’s guild in South Port. There was a similar agreement with a mason’s guild. Unbeknownst to me, they also made an attempt at dealing with a thieves’ guild to assist in a heist that they were unable to complete since they were spirited away to those strange holding cells.

Asakku left word with his people that he had completed his assigned task, and we all—noting the chill in the air—chose to purchase warmer clothing. We also purchased a horse and covered wagon along with a tent large enough for us to comfortably sleep in.
Leaving Dawnside, we headed north to Drangorn to reach my order as well as the crown to try and enlist their aid in guarding our kingdom and, perhaps, ridding us of the lich.

Entertaining though he may be. I spoke up about heading to see my order. I requested to speak to Knight Commander Zybel Shaniqua, and the young acolyte who greeted us took us up to see her. She was very much unimpressed with our methods, but understood—somewhat—the needs of the situation and took our situation to a Lord Commander, though we needed to wait until later in the week.

Upon her recommendation, I sought out Knight Commander Gareth who oversees the city of Drangorn to see if he needed assistance. It turned out Gareth was no longer in command, but had died a year ago in a fight with a wyvern. He left the command to Knight Commander Raleigh Baen. Son. Of. A. Bitch. My heart heavy, I asked the Acolyte to announce us to the Knight Commander Baen. He arrogantly sent us on an errand to find commoner women who had vanished since it was beneath he and his detachment. They were busy handling a gargoyle incursion into a wealthier part of the city. Darvin, I am told, gave him a tongue lashing. When we met out in the courtyard, I reluctantly told the others why I loathe him so. I have not spoken so angrily of anyone at any time in their presence and felt I owed them an explanation. Collectively, they reacted with horror and fury, though I spared them the details of the encounter. I did tell them that I’d beaten him bloody, however.

Baen’s squire, a fresh-faced acolyte named Dimweir, sought us out in the courtyard and told us Ser Samael Carden was assigned to check it out and that he would be back around dinnertime since apparently Baen preferred to dine with his men. I scoffed at the thought that he had men who obeyed him, but… such is the world we live in.

We booked space at a local tavern, The Flesh Bear. From there, I let the others know I had some personal business, and I visited my father for several hours, telling him of our adventures, though I was careful to censor some of what happened from him. He would not appreciate hearing about our covenant with the Lich. Asakku joined me, and we shared stories of previous fights, hunts, and tales of my childhood. I introduced Asakku as a man who saved my life.

I asked my father if he had heard anything about the women disappearing, seeing as he lives in the slums by choice. He didn’t know more than the order had. After much embarrassment where Father tried to convince me to marry Asakku and bring him grandchildren. He made dinner, which was fantastic as it ever is. We then met Ser Samael in the courtyard of the Citadel.

Samael told us that on Lenster street there is a manhole that leads into the sewers that he identified as the location of the worst of the kidnappings. He intended on taking a group of men down there, but he was reassigned by Baen when he mentioned needing more men to complete the task. Sounds like Baen—the coward. He also assigned the young squire, Dimweir, to join us. Much to Dimweir’s misery.

We suited up appropriately and headed down into the stinking morass.

Erevel vomited when we reached the base of the ladder. We crept along through the sewers until we encountered four dark-skinned elves carrying a chest and engaged them in battle. I gave Dimweir tips during the combat and spoke to him of knowing how to engage. He seemed to listen, though the fool ran out into the darkness and an arrow laid him low. I almost regret bringing him since I am going to need to guard him more than I am focus on our mission. As soon as I could reach him, I knelt at his side and called on the power gifted me by Bahamut to heal him. An arrow slammed into my armor, and the point dug into my back. It was more of a glorified scratch than anything, but I felt the burning of poison. It didn’t do me any true damage, but it stung nonetheless.

After healing Dimweir, I turned and fired on the dark elf who had hit the boy and myself with arrows. Between Triss and myself, we ended him, though he sliced the ropes on a bridge across the flowing river of sludge nearby. We squinted into the darkness, seeing the edifice of what looked to be an ancient elven city. With the bridge out, we couldn’t reach the city, but we all agreed that it was a strong possibility that the missing girls had been abducted and carried across the bridge into whatever that stronghold was.

Unable to leave Dimweir, we stayed with him for about two hours until foul poison worked its way through him and he woke.



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